2022 Cross Connection Control Survey

The City of Du Quoin is now distributing the Cross Connection Control Survey

The survey can be found here cross-connection-control-survey 2022 fillable.pdf. Return the completed survey  by mail or in person to the following address:

Du Quoin City Clerk’s Office

P.O.Box 466

Du Quoin, IL. 62832

The purpose of this survey is to determine whether a cross-connection may exist at your home or business. A cross connection is an unprotected or improper connection to the public water distribution system, that may cause contamination or pollution to enter the system. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) are responsible for enforcing cross-control regulations. Every customer served by the public water system must be surveyed. This survey includes identifying what plumbing fixtures are present in the home or business, and what uses the water is being put to.  This survey is required by the IEPA, and must be completed by all water customers.