City Council

Council of the City of Du Quoin

Sworn in May 13, 2019

[vc_team title=”Mayor Guy H. Alongi” subtitle=”MAYOR ~ GUYALONGI@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1831″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Jill Kirkpatrick” subtitle=”COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE ~ JILLKIRKPATRICK@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1641″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Charles Genesio” subtitle=”COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC PROPERTY ~ CHUCKGENESIO@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1147″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Michael Ward” subtitle=”COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY ~ MICHAELWARD@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1150″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Robert Karnes” subtitle=”COMMISSIONER OF STREETS AND PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS” image=”1825″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Aaron Atkins” subtitle=”CITY ATTORNEY ~ AAATKINS@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1152″][/vc_team]
[vc_team title=”Stephanie Cravens” subtitle=”TREASURER ~ STEPHANIECRAVENS@DUQUOIN.ORG” image=”1151″][/vc_team]