City Ordinances

DISCLAIMER: While it is the intent of the City to provide the Citizens of Du Quoin with access to the most current City ordinances, it should be realized that the copy of the ordinances posted on the internet are always subject to change as a result of City Council action. Therefore, the City holds itself harmless in regards to the City ordinances posted on its website and/or any amendments to ordinances and/or new ordinances that were put in to effect prior to any/all updates of City ordinances posted to the website.

 Table of Contents  Administration  Administration (Appendix)
 Animals Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit Boards and Commissions
Building Regulations  Business Code Business-Forms
 Cable Television Employee Personnel Code Employee Regulations
Fair Housing Code  Fireworks Forms  Flood Plain Code
Freedom of Information Policy  Health Historic Preservation Code
Historic Preservation Code (Addendum)  Illinois Federal Mandated Policies Library
 Liquor License  Liquor Manufactured Housing Code
 Motor Vehicle Code  Motor Vehicle Code (Appendix) Motor Vehicle Schedules
Neighborhood Vehicle Inspection  Neighborhood Vehicle Permit Nuisances
Offenses Parks and Recreation  Property Maintenance Code
 Property Maintenance Code (Appendix)  Public Safety  Public Safety (Addendum)
Street Regulations  Subdivision Code Subdivision Code (Checklist)
 Tax Increment Financing  Taxation Trees and Shrub Removal
Utilities Utilities Forms Zoning Code